The cytotoxicity and phototoxicity of the test compound to 3T3 cells (in the presence or absence of UVA light) is assessed by Neutral Red Uptake.

MB Research Laboratories currently offers the 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity Test (3T3 NRU PT) as a standard protocol and is conducted by our scientists under GLPs.

The 3T3 NRU PT is based on the OECD test guidelines and is designed to detect the phototoxicity induced by the combined action of a test article and light by using an in vitro cytotoxicity assay with the Balb/c 3T3 mouse fibroblast cell line. The test identifies aqueous-soluble compounds (or formulations) that have the potential to exhibit in vivo phototoxicity after systemic application.

For information about phototoxicity testing of compounds that are not aqueous soluble, see: EPARS - Enhanced Phototoxicity screening Assay in Reconstituted Skin


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